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Alioune K

Marco Araya Correa


Alioune K: Kora/Chant
Marco Araya Correa: Quatro/Charango/Chant

The amazing encounter of Alioune K's Kora with other instruments in the world.

In the current project, Marco Araya Correa plays the charango and the Quatro.
A tasty blend of sounds from West Africa and South America.

All this accompanied by haunting melodies sang in Bambara.bara


Korastic Project
K.P. is the perfect match between two continents, two cultures.
It is the place where two universes collide to reinvent a whole new range of musicality.
This duet is a tribute to mixed cultures.
On the one hand, Alioune K, an extraordinary half Malian, half French kora player,
who uses his 23 strings African harp in a very personal and original way.
On the other hand Marco Araya Correa, from Chile, who plays beautifully  the Charango (Bolivian mandolin) and the Quatro (small Venezuelan guitar).
This delightful mix between the Kora, the Quatro, the Charango and their voices, innovates and creates a rich and subtle musical energy, which has so far never been reached in World Music!
Alioune K and Marco Araya Correa have been touring all over Europe together for the past ten years, and have therefore developed an outstandingand natural complicity on stage.

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